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Master-Trip is the most precise, complete and customisable trip master on iOS.
It includes features like:

You can set up to 6 handy counters, that will display useful informations such as Speed, Altitude, Clock, Heading (true and magnetic), Longitude & Latitude, Current city, GPS Signal status and your Battery status.
And if you don't like the default counters fonts, you can choose among 6 different fonts.

You can record your full tracks in order to allow you to share your trips with your friends, or watch them later on a computer via the build-in web server.

Going for a night trip? You can switch interface colours between a light theme, a night theme and an OLED theme that will save your battery life.

With Flic buttons, you can control Master-Trip by the press of a physical button. You can set up to 7 actions for 3 different triggers.

If you have an Apple Watch, the Watch companion app will allow you to check all counters and to pause/resume directly on your wrist.


Master-Trip includes every features a good trip-master should have.

Two counters

Master-Trip presents both total and partial distance counters. The partial distance can be reset, modified or set independently of the total.

Reverse Mode

Master-Trip includes a Reverse mode. When the Reverse mode is enabled, distances will be counted backwards.

Quick Adjust

With Quick-Adjust, you can easily adjust distances to add/remove precisely some meters.


Thanks to Quick-Set, you can set counters to any distance you want by typing them.

Flic Button

You can pair a physical Flic button to Master-Trip to control your trip from a press of the finger.
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Master-Trip is fully customisable. This means you can customize every interface element in the settings.
Here are some examples:

Handy Counters

Handy counters display useful informations on the top of the app and are totally orderable and customizable. You can set up to 6 counters.


Your current speed. You can switch unit in the settings.

Clock & Stopwatches

How much time you are tripping. And on the bottom, the clock or another stopwatch.


Your current altitude. You can switch unit in the settings.


The city and the area you currently are in.


Tap the counter to switch between true and magnetic heading.


Your current GPS coordinates.

GPS Signal

Quality of GPS signal, and the accuracy of the location.


Level and status of the battery.

Menu button

Tap this button to access the settings of Master-Trip.


In portrait or in landscape, you can change the order of buttons.


Master-Trip includes 3 different themes. The defaut one is the "Light" theme. It's a good one when you drive by day, or on a well lighted road. The second one is the "Night" theme. It's a simple blue theme that allows you to drive by night without straining your eyes. The last one, the "OLED" theme, is a black theme that uses the OLED screen to save the battery life.

Light theme (default) Night theme OLED theme

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